How to win friends and influence people——Book Report 2


Book's Name: How to win friends and influence people
Author:Dale Carnegie
From P30 to P70

In the second chapter, author talks about people's desire to be important. People want to be honored by other people. This kind desire caused some people work hard and touch their goal. Like Lincoln, he had this desire so he found some law books when he was a grocery clerk, which helps him learn knowledge. Because many people want to be important and good in other people's eyes, the author suggested that when contacting with other people, we need to praise others. This kind of praise is not flattering. So people need to have the eyes which can find other people's advantage and not to think ourselves too much.
In the third chapter, the author firstly gives an example of fishing. It gives us a principle that we should decline the notice to ourselves and try to think from other people's brain. He uses many real communication cases to explain it. For example, the author contacted with the manager of the hotel he used for speech and his words were came from the opponents view, so that he got the result th wanted.

Feeling: To sum up, I think the most important thing of three suggestions he gives is not to think yourself too much and to consider about other people's feeling. It can help us communicate better with others.

The desire to be important.很难满足。
Everybody likes a compliment.” William James said: "The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated."

1.It was this desire for a feeling of importance that led an uneducated, poverty-stricken grocery clerk to study some law books he found in the bottom of a barrel of household plunder that he had bought for fifty cents. You have probably heard of this grocery clerk. His name was Lincoln.

The different between these people is how they get it

一些疯癫的人 为的是自重感 反而更快乐。
司华波 赞许别人 而不批评 自尊
赞赏和谄媚 卑贱的赞美



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