How to win friends and influence people——Book Report 1

Book's Name: How to win friends and influence people
Author:Dale Carnegie
From P1 to P29

Dale Carnegie found many people had the demand about how to contact with other people through research. He read many books and famous person's experiences to find the method of communication. After that, he made many speeches and prepared many passage about it. In the end, he got this book.
In the first chapter, author firstly introduces a case that a people named Crowley killed a policeman but he never think he got anything wrong before he is killed. It indicates that some people are difficult to do self criticism. Author also introduces some cases to indicate that people like to criticize other people's problems. For example, Lincoln learned this principle after he fight with others. So after he became the president of America, he didn't criticize anyone although his general didn't obey his thought and failed.

Feeling:I think it is important to understamd this principle. Like what Lincoln had said, judge not, that ye be not judge. Sharp criticisms have no use to the things that has happened. And it can also cause other people hate you. In the passage, author introduce a case about a business man. After he deal with his employees uncritically, he made friends with them. If we can decline our unuseful criticisms to others, we will have more friends.

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