Photo Album —— English Field Trip Project

It is a picture of Daguan Park, which is an important place of the book Beyond the Red Chamber. When you are standing there, you can find the fantastic scene of spring and personally touch what is discribed in the book. In this picture, while the tree dropped their branches, the ducks were swiming in the pool.

The second picture was in the Frobidden City. It is one of the largest palace complex of ancient China. In this picture, we can see the huge square and massive buildings. Standing under the palace, you can find the dignity of emperors feel like it is back to ancient time.

The next day we came to Universal Studios Beijing. In this picture, we are in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The scene there is like what the series of book Harry Potter discribe. The scene is very real, even we can find the sound of crying in the toilet, which is similiar with the book. We enjoyed many projects like the Forbidden Journey and so on. That's interesting.

Classmates are playing the seesaw in the Wildlife Park. They looked very happy although this thing is seemed to be suitable for children whose age is like the little boy of green clothes. My classmate Wang moved from one side to the other side, jumping like a lovely monkey.

This is a lesser panda lying on the tree. Many people surround the lovely animal and take photos for it. Then my classmate bought food for it and it ate bamboos slowly.


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