Movie Review 寒假


In the winter vacation, I watch a movie which named CoCo. It tells a story about death. The character Miguel loved music but his family had a principle that all people in his family can't touch music. To achieve his music dream, Miguel came to steal a violin but unexpectedly came into the world of ghosts. He met his grandparents and knew some rules of that. And he also met a poor singer whose name was Héctor. In the end, Miguel came back to real world through the help of his family members and the whole family gathered together again.

What designs very intereting is that death can come back the real world in a special festival if there are any people memorize him. So it conveys a thinking that the real death is that no one in the world remembers you. So people don't need to be afraid of death too much, people need to accept the truth calmly and continue the normal life.


I watched a movie whose name is Zootopia. The main character was a rabbit. Her name was Judy. She dreamed to be a policewoman, which was not supported by his parents becuase she was just a little rabbit. She figure out a difficult case and unexpectedly discover the secret of the animal city.

Although Judy was just a small rabbit, firstly she had her own dream and she was firm to achieve her dream. So she can get good grade and work hard. In the process of searching criminal, she kept her real heart and kindness. Because of that, she could reach the truth and didn't stop when facing the strong enemies. That's what we need to learn in the real life.


I watched a movie which named The Shawshank Redemption in the winter vacation. A person whose name is Andy Dufresne is a banker. He got into the prison. Because of his bravery, he became a friend of the boss Redding. And he unexpectedly helped the managers of the prison to handle with economic problems through his knowledge about it. In the end, he successfully escaped from the prison.

I think it is a worthwhile movie. Although the main character got into the prison, he didn't insist to help the managers do the illegal things. He told the truth and escaped from the prison. He finish his redemption.


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