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Book's Name: How to Win Friends and Influence People

From P70 to 77

Summary: Firstly the author gives an example of a woman who had inherited money and wore expensive sables and diamonds. But her face indicated sourness and selfishness, which gave other people a bad impression. From this case, the author thinks that the impression of a people are mostly based on people’s action, and the smiling can make a huge influence. In addition, this kind of smile must come form within. It can’t be an insincere grin. The author uses a example to indicate that how the smile change one person’s life. A New York stockbrocker started to give a smlie to others. Because of this, then his wife became shocked and more happy, and his colleague got along with him. He got more dollars using the smile. So the smile to others is important.

Feeling: I think people need to give a smile to others. Although sometimes we neet a unfamiliar people, even that people and us have a huge difference in status or age, the smile can decrease the embarrassment and it seems to make us more friendly and kind, which can make people closer and get along with strangers.


Book's Name: How to Win Friends and Influence People

From P78 to P86

Summary: In this chapter, the author firstly gives a story of Jim, who lost his father when he was just 10 years old and got success through working hard. The key point of his success was remenbering other people's name. He said that he can remember more than 50000 people's name. That makes people feel more friendly and close, so it can get other people's support. So the third principle is to remember people's name.

Comment: I think it seems to be a simple thing to remember other people's name. But turely in real life, sometimes we will forget one's name if we have long time no see and not to be very familiar. If we do that, it shows our respects and can make us get more real friends. I think it is an useful way I haven't discovered.


Book's Name: How to Win Friends and Influence People

From P86 to P94

Summary: In this chapter, the author talks about the importance of listening to other people with silence. It can help people to make business more successful. For example, the Detmer Woolen Company once met a customer who forget to pay a small sum of money and he was very angry because of the urging from credit department. Then the founder of this company met this customer and he just had his patience to listen to his saying. After the customer spoke all his argument, the founder gave him a satisfied request. In the end, the customer found it is his own fault.

Comment: It is an important thing to listen to others. It can not only completely help us understand the meaning of other people, but also make other people feel respected.

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